Neo Geo Concepts is inspired by life and the fun of living. We put FUN in everday life, FUN in FUNctional item for the office and home. We enchance your lifestyle by specializing in household and baby accessories.

We manage our brands well by having:

  • Excellent quality products and services
  • Affordable prices
  • Durable and long lasting designs
  • Innovative and impressive
  • Well planned distribution network
  • Conform to international standards

Our Brands:

Neo Geo, The FUNctional Lifestyle is our household brand for storage organizers which are suitable for adults and children. We have a full range of storage solutions for anyone and anywhere.

Our children storages helps toddlers to be more independent and organise. Indirectly, this could stimulate and refine motor memory skills. Our storage organizers are also produce with safety, durability and practicality in mind.

The Neo Geo Storages are portable and foldable making them easy to carry. They are also easy to assemble and fun to use

Simple Dimple is our baby brand which consist of accessories, gift sets and educational toys. Simple Dimple specializes mainly on infant/toddler developments such as hand-eye coordination, encourage infant to be more attentive and focus, enhance their motor and speech ability thus making them socialize better. Simple Dimple also have the best range of diaper bags in town. All materials and designs meet international safety and health requirements .

Coloria is our brand for baby educational toys. It has a comprehensive range of toys which will enhance the brain development and stimulate infants' motor skills. All materials and designs meet international safety and health requirements.

Itty Bitty is another well known baby development products. Itty Bitty educational toys complement and enhance the infants' overall developments through fun and play. All materials and designs meet international safety and health requirements.

Unite Safety is the brand for our home and children safety products. It consists of a full range of safety gadgets such as drawer latches, anti door stopper, finger guards, corner cushion for sharp edges and appliances locks. Unite Safety also consists of feeding and cleaning accessories. Ultimately, Unity Safety protects toddlers from common household hazards. All material and designs meet international safety and health requirements.

Clean House Delight is renowned for their cleaning accessories which consist of Duster Mop, Swap Mop, Handy Mop, Glove Mop and Slipper Duster. The Delight Duster Mop is the new revolution in mopping. The Delight Duster Mop allows sweeping and mopping at the same time without using water. Therefore, you do not need to repeat the cleaning twice. The Delight cleaning solution uses 100% cotton yarn and meets all international safety and health requirements.

Slo Flo Sports aluminium bottles are stylish and can be carried anywhere to help you quench away your thirst. Its high quality inner coating and thicker external finishing keeps beverages cooler for a longer period. Comes with bright and exciting designs for everyone and suitable for everyday use. Slo Flo Sports bottles are safe, non-toxic and tested to meet international safety and health standards.

FOOFEE multifunctional accessories are designed and developed by our local renowned product designers. They have created many “out of the box “ concepts which are fashionable, fun and trendy. Each products are innovatively designed and individually crafted.

Our aim is to promote our functional and innovative products through our brands. In addition to that, we are competent in developing products exclusive for our customers. Neo Geo Concept has a team of dedicated and dynamic individuals to cater to all needs. We have the expertise in design ideas and marketing to provide the best products and services to our end users thus our customers.

Mission Statement

  • The end user satisfaction is our greatest goal
  • We strive to develop innovative, excellent quality and affordable products
  • We develop products that add convenience and FUNctional
  • We enhance LIFESTYLE